My top 5 summer trends


I’ve fallen off from posting on the blog consistently, but I’m super excited to get back to it! With that being said, I’m here to rally up the 5 hottest summer fashion trends of 2017 & share them with you so that you can SLAY your summer!

1. Shine bright

Summertime means sunshine & hotter temperatures. So why not heat up your wardrobe with a vibrant & bright color palette? This summer bold & bright is the way to go. A rainbow of bright colors were seen on all the hottest runways this season. Incorporate some fushia, bright blue, yellow, or red pieces into your look to give your outfit a pop!

2. Bring on the drama(tic sleeves)

Temperatures are rising, so let’s shed some layers! WRONG! This summer swap out your sleeveless tops & opt for some “omph” by wearing tops with dramatic sleeves. Ruffles & bell shaped sleeves are a subtle yet stylish way to embrace this trend. You can even find crop tops in these styles so you can pair them with your favorite shorts & beat the heat!

3. Mix & Match

There’s a new wave taking over this summer & it’s definitely making a splash! Mixing & matching different prints & hues is a fun way to experiment this summer. This trend may seem daunting to some, but it’s actually quite easy to pull off. Try pairing different prints like bold stripes with dainty polka dots. Or pastel baby blue with lavender or lilac. The trick to this trend to is keep the color scheme complimentary & in the same hue.

4. Bold Accessories

A fun way to add a pop to a simple look is by playing with your accessories. Spice it up by opting for fun & colorful accents. Perhaps try some bright pink tassel earrings, some fun sandals that feature brightly colored pom-poms & charms, or a bold beaded necklace. This is a nice way to play with color without committing full on.

5. Not your average tees

Summer is a time to relax & have fun. So up your casual wear by wearing a tee that’s just as playful. Statement tees are all the rage right now. You can be subtle & wear a simple white tee with a quirky saying proclaiming your love for pizza embroidered on the pocket. Or make a full on statement by having it printed across the chest. You can have fun or be serious &  make a statement about a cause that you care about. The possibilities are endless.


I hope you enjoyed my summer round-up of this season’s hottest trends.Remember to relax & have fun this summer. If you incorporate any of these trends, I’d love to see them. Tag me on Instagram so that I can see your looks!  I have a little inspiration board below in case you wanted to see these trends at work.



Summer Trends 17


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