Dressing for adventure with Honey Tee

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but ya’ll are in for a treat! I recently collaborated with a good friend of mine who’s also a blogger! Tino, better known as Honey Tee, from Honey Tee’s Sweet Ventures is here to help you figure out how to dress for an adventure. Adventures are her forte & she’s obviously a pro at it so ! So keep reading for Honey Tee’s tips!



Okay everyone knows, or should know, when you get ready to head out for adventure you have to check the weather and consider what kind of shoes you need to wear. You know the essential list to have to make sure you’re the most comfortable and fashion forward you can be when you’re headed out!

But I’m writing this post to talk about the other important outfit you need to wear when you get ready to venture out on the town. And you can carry this list with you wherever you are in the world and almost everyday! Here’s how you dress for success before taking on a new adventure:

Wear a smile:

I know this one might be hard for some people. Considering Buzzfeed wrote an article about RBF or Resting “B” Face some people have a bit of difficulty expressing the fact that they’re happy or content! But when I say wear a smile I’m really talking about going out there with a kind spirit. Every single person is dealing with something that we know nothing about. It’s important to be kind and caring when interacting with people out there in the world. Just your smile can brighten someone’s day!

Pack a PMA:

A PMA is a positive mental attitude. This is definitely important because we all know no matter how much you plan certain things something is bound to not go as expected. It’s easy to get down and sad about something going wrong when you’re out exploring. But it’s important not to spoil your trip with a negative mentality. Bring your PMA and keep it with you at all times you’ll have a great trip!

Have Sleeves of compassion:

In anything you do aim to do good for others. While it’s important to care about yourself when you go into the world make it a point to help other people whenever you can. If more people kept this type of thinking then we would be living in a much more peaceful place. Try it out the next time you go for an adventure or out and about. If you see someone in need just whip out that compassion. It will not only brighten their day but it will brighten yours as well.


Thank you for reading this post about How to Dress for Adventure! If you enjoyed it or would like to read more posts by me head over to www.princesshoneytee.com. I love offering posts filled with motivation and uplifting words. I also have a travel section on my blog where I talk about all things culture and what you can find on an adventure at a particular place I’ve been too!

Remember: Be like a pineapple: Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and Be Sweet!

-Stay Sweet!

Honey Tee


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