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As I have gotten a few years older, I’ve learned that taking care of your body is essential. Your body is your temple as they say. Since coming to this conclusion, I have taken my skincare & haircare more seriously. A good skincare and haircare routine is essential so that not only you look your best, but feel the absolute best. Both on the inside & on the outside.

About a year ago, I came across a natural skincare line, YesTo. I was very intrigued by the concept of all natural, organic skincare. I decided to research what actually made this different from the skincare I was already using. After looking at the company’s website and their philosophy, I went further in. One thing I had no idea about was the amount of synthetics, chemicals, and toxins that regular cleansers & skincare contains. These products contain things such as paraben, sulfates, and in the case of haircare, phthalate. These chemicals can easily be absorbed into the skin causing irritation, redness, and sometimes in the extreme case, cause illness or be extremely harmful to the body. Of course the chances of that depend on the person and the product but anything is possible. It also is a slight chance therefore the FDA hasn’t regulated a ban on the use of these chemicals. The purpose of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates are to preserve cosmetics, skincare, and haircare as well as prevent the growth of bacteria in the product. Aside from this, natural. organic products are also more environmentally friendly which is always a benefit.

After finding this out, I decided to change my skincare routine and attempt to incorporate more natural products since everything that I apply onto my body, finds itself to be absorbed into the skin. The more I take care of what I apply onto my skin and hair, the better they’d look which in return would make me feel better. Over the past year, I have incorporated quite a few natural products into my routine as I have come to prefer natural alternatives to skin issues  like acne, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and such. Here I will share a few of the natural alternatives I’ve incorporated into my routine. My skin is nowhere near perfect but I have seen an improvement with the use of these products. I still use regular skincare products that contain parabens, sulfates, and such but I refrain from using them often to reduce the exposure on my skin.


1. Yes To Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub

This is targeted for acne prone skin. the whole Yes To Tomatoes skincare line is. I have acne prone skin and preferred to use this rather than harsh cleansers that end up harming my skin in the end. This is a great everyday cleanser that removes impurities and also gently exfoliates.

2. Yes To Tomatoes Blemish Banning Bundle

Again the target was to get rid of acne since at the time I had a major breakout of a large amount of acne on my skin due to stress and hormonal changes. This trio was effective but it did not remove the acne completely which was what I expected since the severity of the breakouts were extreme. The Daily Repair Treatment was quite gentle and effective and didn’t cause peeling of my skin. The Rollerball Spot Stick in this kit is my LIFESAVER! It works amazingly. You can apply this to an active breakout and within a few minutes the size and severity of the breakout is reduced.

3. Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

This is a fairly new purchase and also new addition to the collection. Activated charcoal has many benefits for the skin since it detoxifies the skin and removes impurities. This along with the natural ingredients from the Tomatoes lone have helped keep my skin clear.

4. Yes To Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes

These towelettes are perfect for removing makeup and such but at the same time be natural and fight acne. The scent is great and they are quite effective.

5. Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

These towelettes are the part of Yes To Cucumbers collection which is formulated to calm and soothe skin. These are a great natural alternative to makeup remover wipes and the scent is AMAZING!

6. Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub

The Yes To Grapefruit collection is targeted to improve skins texture, brightness, and tone. I purchased this scrub with the purpose of helping clear acne marks & improve the overall appearance of my skin. It has a great invigorating scent, exfoliates the skin, and improves luminosity of the skin. After using this product for quite some time, I can see an improvement in my skin tone. I only use this in the mornings but when used twice daily, the results will be seen even faster.

7. Nature Republic Soothing & Moisturizing Aloe Vera Gel

I use this gel as a moisturizer for my skin. This gel is 92% pure Aloe Vera which is very beneficial for the skin since Aloe Vera is a very restorative and healing plant. I have used pure Aloe Vera gel from the plant as a mask to reduce and help clear acne breakouts and the results can be seen almost instantaneously! However I had the inconvenience of not having access to a real Aloe Vera plant so this was the next best alternative. This gel leaves skin soft and ready to be the canvas for makeup or just natural. It is very sticky and thick at first but after it dries there is no residue or weird feeling.


1. DIY dry shampoo

I practice dry cleansing of the hair when I skip a hair wash. Instead of using those dry shampoos offered at the store, I decided to make my own natural alternative from kitchen ingredients. It is as effective as store-bought dry shampoo, natural, and cost-effective. There are many tutorials out there but the main ingredient is corn starch. Since I am a brunette, my formula is basically consisted of corn starch, unsweetened cocoa powder (to match my hair color), and a few drops of lavender essential oil for fragrance purposes. I store mine in a small glass jar & when I want to use this, I just take a cosmetic fluffy brush & apply it to the crown of my head. I got my recipe & measurements from Ela Gale, a Youtuber whose focus is on natural alternative to cosmetics, skincare, and haircare.

2. Sulfate & Paraben Free Shampoo/ Conditioner

As far as haircare I alternate between brands, the only thing that I am on the lookout for when making a purchase is that it is clearly stated as sulfate, paraben, or phthalate free. If you are unsure, just read the ingredients list and look for these three key words.

I also refrain from using heat on my hair & let it dry naturally. When I do use a curling wand or straightener I make sure to use a heat protectant to protect my hair from damage. This is one of the keys to the health of my hair which is good considering the length and amount of hair i have.

Since switching a year ago, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin & hair. For the better. Going natural & organic has been a little bit more expensive as these products cost a tad bit more, but the results are worth it.  Another thing to factor into making the switch is that it is also important to take care of your body by taking care of your health overall. This includes what you consume, place on your body,  as well as also making sure to drink plenty of water & hydrate the skin. It’s essential to care for yourself because if you don’t do it, who will? Remember to treat yo self!

Until next time



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